Rice krispie treats red white blue. This is one of the finest estate grown coffees in the world.

Hubby and I loved it!

Great question.

Birthday Cake plain cake glazed, topped with buttercream and rainbow sprinkles.

Hey, I was just curious what the vinegar and water added at the end does to the cake?

Wit and Whistle.

Adjust amount of botanicals as needed.

Easy to make, hard to resist.

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Shelf life is between days depending on what fruit is being used in the bouquet.

Red Velvet Cherry Dream Bars — a red velvet cookie crust, a sweet cheese layer, cherry pie filling, vanilla pudding and a whipped topping make these bars the perfect holiday treat.

Angus burger, cheddar cheese, red leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, caramelized red onion, brioche bread.