Love message to a boyfriend. Do take a peek, and you're sure to find the

Personally I prefer texting.

I have been devastated….

You are my present and become my future,You are the most lovely and romantic creature,You change so wellThat my heart safely dwell,You are like a magician,You steal my heart with perfection,Happy Birthday my Love!

I comfort myself with the socks he bought me, little or less it feels like he is right here with me.

When I told him I could he had a bunch of reasons why he wouldn't be able to and when I asked if he could hang out at any time this week he said I could come over.

I do talk to him about how I feel.

Slovakia OK!

I just had to let you know the reason why.

Hi my name is Thomas, and I feel like I am most of these but not to the all the extremes mentioned.

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I am not even allowed to buy myself new clothes, but if he wants something he gets it.

IRational I know, but hey, The human programming Is a highly emotional one.